Filippo Bianchini: tenor and sop sax; compositions.
Nicola Andrioli: piano, fender rhodes.
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse: double bass.
Armando Luongo: drums.


Rec at Igloo Studio Bxl by Daniel Léon
Mix in Amsterdam (NL) by Nina Kraszewska
Edit by September Music (BE)

Produced by Hans Kunster Music- September-


”Excellent job.
Beautiful sound and compositions. ”
David Liebman

“Here is is a tight and imaginative band, as illustrated by their recording, which shows some uncompromising jazz playing and an ability to create various moods, from high energy swinging pieces to sensitive ballads. Strong individuals and beautiful group playing. Definitely worth a listen.”
Michel Herr pianist, composer/arranger

”..Modern jazz, well structured and excellently executed.. Album honest and direct, with a tasty details;
It is a pleasure to listen it and a good first step for this musician to follow.”
All About Jazz

The Album of Filippo Bianchini explores the refined atmosphere and explosive, soft and intense, with a capacity above average to realize interesting and never banal atmosphere”. JAZZ iT Magazine

” Great band and very good writing.
A wonderful CD debut by a very talented and honest musician and his great band”
Eric Ineke, drummer

I listened to this disc with much pleasure and I discovered the excellent quality of Filippo Bianchini b as saxophonist, sounding solid and mature phrasing and fluid, and as a composer inspired and skillful arranger.
I am sure that very soon everyone will talk about him.
Good luck !!
Max Ionata, Saxophonist

Un album qui requiert toute notre attention dans notre “jungle” du jazz belge… Quelqu’un à découvrir aussi en scène.
Claude Loxhay -JazzHalo Magazine-